Le Frascarelle

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   main road 79 bis km 21
 (Vecchia Orvietana)
 05010 PRODO (Orvieto)
 Tel. 075-8749646
  e-mail: info@lefrascarelle.it


Our farm is placed at the foot of the Peglia Mount (distant 550 mt from us) immersed in the green of an uncontaminated nature, with natural parklands, protected wildlife, in a favourable location in the middle of an area of great artistic and historical interest: between Todi and Orvieto; at a stone's throw away from Perugia, Assisi, Spoleto and Gubbio the leading cities of the Umbrian Turism; distant 120 km from Rome and Florence.
In a peaceful landscape, twelve hectares for grazing and woods with a splendid typical farmhouse where the principal activity is animal husbandry with sheep, caw, horse, pig and poultry farming.



Those people who live in the cities for all yearlong may enjoy a kind of life respecting the right harmony relating man-nature-animals and experiencing the genuineness of the traditional Italian cooking.

We offer comfortable lodges with heating and kitchen. 
Your pets will be welcomed.

On demand it is possible to ride horses for tours in the neighbourhoods even for beginners.